About Scientology Front Groups

A Scientology front group is described as an organization that promotes and disseminates the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, and gives the money it receives, through both payments and donations, to Scientology management.

It must be understood that "Scientology" is not "The Church of Scientology." The public often thinks the two to be the same, and front groups use this misconception to hide their connections with the Scientology organization.

Evidence of Front Group Connections

A simplified conversation example of how a front group is sold to the public:

Scientologist: "Hey, you should read this booklet about the harms of modern mental health."
Public: "This is very interesting information. Who made it?"
Scientologist: "A human rights watchdog group called the CCHR."
Public: "CCHR? I thought I heard once that they are a part of Scientology."
Scientologist: "Not at all! The CCHR has nothing to do with the Church of Scientology; it is based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard but it is purely secular."

This simplified example exhibits the deceptive nature in which front groups operate. Around the world Scientology has used this sort of deception to allow Scientology to enter public schools, get endoresements from both public officials and private enterprises, and get government funding for Scientology programs.


The primary way in which money is funneled up from the fronts to Scientology management is through the use of license fees, trademarks, and copyrights which are all held by Scientology management. (see "RTC and CST" section for more details)


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Bridge Publications is a non-profit company that prints all Scientology related materials as well as Hubbard's nonfiction works.





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